Stepford Kitchen Shoot, 2008, Part 1 of 2

posted 9/3/09

Shot on September 3rd, 2009: For a while I was thinking of using this as my Stepford Wives set for my "Monstergirls" series, but after a while realized I would want to expand it beyond the one set I have here. The inspiration for the shoot was that apron which we found in some vintage clothing store. So I shot this exactly one year ago in Josie's apartment kitchen and used it to experiment with some different lighting with my new lights at the time. I'm pretty happy with the results and we got a lot of great photos and was lucky to get her hair a little different than her normal natural curls. That and her make-up suggested an early to mid 60's look and I am always very inspired by that era. Josie is a great model with an impressive portfolio.

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Farmer's Daughter Photoshoot, 2009, Part 2 of 2

posted 9/1/09

Shot on January 11th, 2009: Here are the rest of some of our shots from me and Crystal's Farmer's Daughter shoot which almost gets into fashion photography territory. We were running out of sunlight as we started late that day, but I love how the colors turned out, We will definitely be working together again before the end of the year for another project which you'll probably hear about by December.

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Farmer's Daughter Photoshoot, 2009, Part 1 of 2

posted 8/31/09

Shot on January 11th, 2009: Crystal and I had wanted to work with each other for a while on this particular theme for a (now defunct) website and we finally found a time in both our schedules when we both could do it. We did only one costume change (see Part 2) and I found her great to work with.

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Eagle Rock Apartment Test Shoot, 2006

posted 8/27/09

Shot on September 16th, 2006: To start off this section, I am bringing you shots from a shoot I did with one of my favorite models to work with, Alexis Corinne, back in 2006 at my friend Laurie Wilson's former apartment in Eagle Rock, California. This was my first time meeting her and we hit it off very well right away and got some pretty nice shots out of this test shoot. I've only shot with her once more since, but hope to work with her a lot more in the future.

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